Adobe Illustrator Quiz

Adobe Illustrator True False Quiz

1. You can change the width and length of a artboard after you create it

2. The swatches panel is on the left side of adobe illustrator.

3. Illustrator creates resolution-independent images.

4. Screen resolution and Print resolution are the same thing.

5. CMYK color is the color mode used for print projects.

6. Illustrator creates resolution-independent images.

7. The scratch area prints when printing out a design done with Illustrator.

8. RGB stands for red, green, and black.

9. Photoshop is a program used to manipulate images by allowing you to make adjustments to colors, brightness or contrast, changes to its resolution, crop and resize, or to modifiy its content, such as removing imperfections.

10. The preferred print resolution is 300 DPI.


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