Adobe Indesign Quiz

Adobe Indesigns Fill The Blanks Quiz

1. In Adobe Indesign ___________ allows you to match the color of a shape or line exactly to a color used somewhere else ?

2. In Adobe Indesign _______ allows you to move around the document(up, down, or side to side) without zooming in or out ?

3. In Adobe Indesign ______ allows you to zoom in and out of a page, which can be done faster by pressing + or - while holding ?

4. In Adobe Indesign ____________ control the color of the your shape, and the outline around the shape, respectively ?

5. In Adobe Indesign with the help of ________ and click and drag to form your simple & straight line ?

6. In Adobe Indesign You can adjust the shape of your object by moving around its ___________ ?

7. In Adobe Indesign If you have a shape that you want to apply the gradient effect to quickly, select the shape and click on the ______ ?

8. In Adobe Indesign __________ allows you to pick up the exact color of something in a picture ?

9. In Adobe Indesign _________ help you to rotate any object or text ?

10. In Adobe Indesign to make a text box you have to select _______ ?


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