Adobe Photoshop Quiz

Adobe Photoshop Fill in the Blanks Quiz

1. _________ is the color mode we work in to use all shades of RED, GREEN, and BLUE.

2. ___________ is a menu pull down with special effect choices such as Liquefy, Distort, Render, and Blur.

3. _____________ is the letter keystroke to activate you Rectangular Marquee Tool

4. Layer ____________ include things such as drop shadow, bevel and emboss, and stroke.

5. The shortcut to activate the Free Transform box is ______.

6. we use ______ key for the Clone Stamping Tool for taking clone.

7. ________ is the setting with a selection tool that allows the edges to be soft.

8. _____ is the term that describes the range of color.

9. _______is the term that describes the purity of color.

10. ________is the 4 keystroke used to turn something into Black & White.


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