Adobe Photoshop Typography Quiz

Adobe Photoshop Typography Quiz

1. Space between Lines can be Increase by

2. Space between Letters can be increase by

3. Space between two characters can be increase by

4. Shortcut of Type tool is

5. There are ____________ types of Indents in Adobe Photoshop

6. Adobe Photoshop CC can do Tab Settings.

7. Text can be written on path in Adobe Photoshop.

8. Adobe Photoshop can define text styles.

9. Text can be written within a shape in Adobe Photoshop

10. Horizontal scale and Vertical scale _____________ Type.

11. To run any Image command on type we should first ______________ Type layer.

12. In ‘Vth’ is written with the help of which command?

13. In ‘CO2’ is written with the help of which Adobe Photoshop Text command?

14. What does strikethrough command do in Adobe Photoshop text command?

15. Two common panels of Text settings in Adobe Photoshop are Character and ___________


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