HTML5 Quiz New Tags

HTML5 Quiz New Tags

Q1. To insert any audio, sound or music data to html file. Which new HTML tag is to insert?

Q2. To write your articles content which new tag is introduced in HTML 5

Q3. To render your graphics HTML 5 introduce which new tag.

Q4. Which HTML4 tags are removed from HTML5?

Q5. Group of headings define in HTML5 by which tag?

Q6. The main content in your body can be written in which new HTML5 Tag?

Q7. New HTML5 tag used for multiple media resources for media elements?

Q8. Date and Time can be defined in which new HTML5 Tag?

Q9. What is SVG?

Q10. SVG and Canvas are same things?

Q11. HTML5 can get the geographical position of a user?

Q12. Which New HTML5 element for used to display a scalar measurement within a known range?


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