Seo Quiz

Seo Quiz for expert web developers

1. The word “login” is strong indicator of what type of Web searcher intent?

2. If a Web searcher types in the keyword phrase “benjamin franklin pics” (without the quotes) into a search box, that type of query intent is classified as:

3. What type(s) of webpages can naturally satisfy informational searcher goals?

4. A low bounce rate coupled with multiple page views per visitor is a strong indicator of a positive searcher experience.

5. According to information architect Peter Morville, which of the following attributes are not a part of the searcher experience?

6. Which of the following data-gathering methodologies provide information about the goals and the intentions behind searcher keywords?

7. Both finding and re-finding searcher goals involve recognition and recall.

8. Of the following items on a webpage, what do eye-tracking usability tests not reveal?

9. What type of search query is a “fishing expedition” (finding all relevant documents about a topic)?

10. Web searchers always exhibit orienting behavior whenever they view search engine results pages (SERPs).


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