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Adobe Photoshop View Menu

This menu gives you all sorts of different ways of looking at your images, from zooming in or out to adding guides and rulers.

photoshop view menu

Available Submenu in View Menu

Proof Setup

Use the items in this submenu to create a proof, a sample version of your image that simulates what the finished piece will look like. You can simulate how your image’s colors will look on a Mac or PC monitor or in another color mode—even how a color-blind person would see them. This preview process, called soft proofing, is discussed in more detail in Proof Colors This option turns soft proofing on or off.

Gamut Warning

Turn this feature on to make Photoshop highlight areas of your image that fall outside of the safe color range, or gamut, for the color mode you’re working in.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

This item lets you change the shape of your image’s pixels for specific projects.

Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Turn this feature on when you’re working with pixels that aren’t square so your images don’t look stretched when you view them on your computer monitor.

32-bit Preview Options

Because the dynamic range in 32-bit HDR images is greater than the color range most monitors can display, this option compensates for washed-out highlights and overly dark shadows. To learn more about HDR photography.

Zoom In

This command works like a magnifying glass, increasing your image’s magnification level.

Zoom Out

This command decreases your image’s magnification level.

Fit on Screen

This option resizes the current image and the window it’s in to fill your screen.

Actual Pixels

Select this option to see your image at its actual size.

Print Size

This item changes the size of your image to show how big or small it will be when you print it.

Screen Mode

This submenu lets you choose how you want to view your images.


With this option turned on, you can add alignment helpers like guides and grids to your images. (If you use one of these features, Photoshop automatically turns on Extras for you.).


This submenu lists the extra items you can display and use while you’re editing your images: guides, layer edges, notes, and more.


This command shows or hides the horizontal and vertical rulers that run along the document window’s left and top edges.


Choose this item to turn snapping on or off. (Snapping lets you align objects with guides and other items)

Snap To

Here’s where you choose which items objects snap to: guides, grids, layers, slices, document bounds, or all of those things.

Lock Guides

This command prevents you from accidentally moving guides you’ve added to an image. If you’ve already locked your guides, use this command to unlock them.

Clear Guides

Choose this option to get rid of all the guides you’ve added to the current document.

New Guide

This option lets you add vertical and horizontal guides to your image.

Lock Slices

Choose this item to keep your image slices where they are.

Clear Slices

Removes all the slices from the current image.

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