10 Important Tips and Tricks about using DreamWeaver


10 Important Tips and Tricks about using DreamWeaver


Code Minimization

This is First Important Tips About Dreamwaver, When developing big website in DW and you know a certain chunk of code won’t change, and it takes up too much space you can use the hard to find feature of Code Minimization. Select the chunk of code you want to minimize and then click the little [-] next to the code line number. Voila that chunk of code won’t bother you until you expand it  when you doing web designing.

Code Formatting

Until not so recently I condemned DW for being the only IDE that does not have code formatting, little did i know it did, and it had great code formatting. Turns out you just had to realize that they did not put the code formatting option under EDIT (which is where it’s at in every other ide) but rather they placed it under COMMANDS. 

Code Navigator

Ever wonder where in the website are you, and what is the styling of the surrounding elements, wonder no more, code navigator comes up when you Alt+Click on inside your code. Tells you all you need to know about your surroundings!

Code Snippets

Code Snippets are a little heaven on earth, having to rewrite or Google all those important little fractions of code that make us the developers we are today can get SOOO frustrating. Trust me i Google the If Less IE7 then apply completely different styles to my stuff. Anyways DW does this for you, not only can you add all your great goodies, but it comes with a nefty library on its own.

Convert Inline CSS to Rule

This little button lets you select an inline style, and automatically add it to your css stylesheet. I know that is quite rad!

Manage Sites (great ftp client)

In need of a ftp client, besides it falling short of the ability to upload your photos to the server just by dragging or dropping (or any other way for that matter) it’s really nice to edit files click Ctrl+S and be able to preview the file online on the server. If there is a way to upload files please do share in the comments. 

Insert Menu

King of like the snippets, the insert menu has a bunch of great pre-generated code sets. For example the meta keywords, or the form radio button set it allows you to get things in the website fast without having to leave the ide and search for the proper naming and code.

Access to embedded files

In the new DW you will find that any Stylesheet or JavaScript file that you have referenced is accessible. So now you don’t have to open 10 tabs at a time, just the right one and you’re done!

Find Replace

Sometimes you get stuck having to replace the a bunch of li’s and add a class=“test” well instead of doing it 15 times you can simply use the find/replace tool!

Live View

How great is it that now you can ACTUALLY view the website rendered (almost correctly). Click anywhere and see where in the code that is, also it shows you the actual change right away! Sweeeet!. These cool and amazing tricks can help you to design or developing website offline


And as a bonus tip you should consider going into > Preferences and editing your default Fonts into something more readable like Inconsolably font, and setting that font size to 12px. Give it a try, i have a feeling you will love it!

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