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Java Script Code

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h2>JavaScript Statements</h2> Type any Number Here<input type=”text” id=”aaa”> <input type=”button” value=”Click here” onClick=”rrr()”> <script> function rrr(){ var btbt=document.getElementById(“aaa”).value; document.getElementById(“dddd”).innerHTML=btbt; } </script> <p id=”dddd”>This is empty</p> </body> </html>   RESULT JavaScript Statements Type any Number Here This is empty

7 Tips For Creating a Mobile Optimized Site In 2018

7 Tips For Creating a Mobile Optimized Site In 2018: Having a mobile-friendly website prolongs past great practice, it’s a demand if you want your business to succeed. Mobile currently surpasses desktop Internet usage and also this suggests mobile customers anticipate services to provide an outstanding experience optimized for their gadget. Actually, nearly half of customers… Read More »