Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : How to remove Picture in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Remove Pic

Learn to Remove pic in Adobe Photoshop :

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial By Bapu Graphics, Best Graphics design institute in delhi

Just view this video to see the result of Before and After of removing pic from Adobe Photoshop.

Removing most typical things from an Image is one of the most important utilization of Adobe Photoshop. And Practicing these things with right use of tool will make you perfect. For this result you need to work with many tools like

Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop copies an image area into another area to start with this tool just Press shortcut “S” to select this tool. now by pressing ALT just click the area you want to copy  and now start using stamp brush to copy the area. That’s it.

Pattern Stamp Tool

The pattern stamp tool creates patterns and by this we can repeat our pattern on any area of  the Image. Just create your patterns from Edit Menu — > Define Pattern by selecting any square or rectangle area of the image. Pattern stamp tool creates interesting textures and background for your designs and also help to remove pic as shown above in the Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Video.

Healing Brush Tool

Just work same as Clone stamp tool, it does copy the exact same area but after coping it heals the image with its background image colors, which makes this tool advance from clone stamp tool. Also retouches images using it sample pixel or patterns.

Patch Tool

Patch tool is use to remove unwanted area from your image by just dragging the selected area to another part you want to copy. Use it’s advance options like content aware patch tool options. Also try to experiment with source and destination options.

Selection Tools

Various selection tool like elliptical selection tool or marquee selection tool, Polygon lasso tool , lasso tool or magic wand tool should be well know to remove any kind of images. Selection options like feather or color range and transforming selection with contiguous option should be well know by all the students learning Adobe Photoshop course.


CTR + T command with all its features like DISTORT, PERSPECTIVE, SKEW, SCALE, ROTATION and the most important one is WARP with different presets like Arc, Fish, Flag etc.

Content aware tool

The most latest and advance tool newly launched in Adobe Photoshop version is CONTENT AWARE TOOL. The older ways to remove pic from an image is we use Clone Stamp Tool , Patch tools or healing brush tools but  this tool has made a work lot easy and fast with all its options like content aware fill option or content aware move options. It automatically judge that what is required in an image when we move or fill some content area of Image.

Adobe Photoshop Remove Pic


With the help of all these above tool mention we can learn to remove pic from an Image. This is not a step by step adobe Photoshop Tutorial but a knowledge base tutorial to guide you about all the tools use to remove the pics as shown in above Video.

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