Learn Graphics Design Software Course: Raster Vs. Vector Graphics

By | March 15, 2015

Learn Graphics design course: Raster Vs. Vector

What are Graphics design Software ?

Learn Graphics design software raster and vector

Raster Vs Vector the two types of Graphics design software

Before you learn graphics design software you should know all: A graphic design software is a computer program that permits you to create and edit digital images. In can assist you in numerous tasks, including resizing images, turning, cropping, color fixing, adjusting brightness and contrast, red-eye reduction, image filtering, and even superimpositions, to name a few. Images can be imported from digital electronic cameras, scanners, the web, and images from the hard disk drive for editing.

A great, reliable graphic design software application is an important part in web design; magazine publications; the creation of graphic novels, the creation of marketing materials such as posters, brochures, covers, sleeves, and signboards; and in designing t-shirts, mugs, and collectibles among a host of other things.


For every Graphics designer it is very important to know the difference between Raster and Vector.

These simple questions are always face by fresher in the interviews.

What are raster graphics?

What are vector graphics?

What is the difference between these two Raster and vector graphics ?

Here is a simple difference and meaning for both raster and vector graphics to be learn by all students learning graphics design course.

Creation : Raster Vs. Vector

Raster simply known as Images , which we use to click with our cameras or you can say photographs which are always made with those visible squares known as pixels.

Vector simply known as Drawings, which we make with the help of pencil tools on our art board. The all drawings or illustration which we can draw are known as vector and in the software you can see these drawings are made up of Nodes or also we can say vertex or points.


Scale factor : Vecotr vs Raster

Raster images are non-scalable means If we increase sizes of any images they get pixelated. And vectors are always scalable by increasing the size of vector drawings or shapes they never loses their quality.


Resolution : Vecotr vs Raster

Raster is resolution dependent and vector is not dependent on resolutions or we can say vector is resolution independent.


File Format: Raster Vs. Vector

JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF are all raster file formats whereas EPS, SVG, CDR, AI are all vector file formats


Summary : Raster Vs. Vector


Typically, there are two types of graphic design software application:

Raster graphics and Vector graphics.

In easy terms, raster graphics is used to create basic and static graphic images while vector is used to create advanced graphics.

Raster graphics develops images from simple line arrangements and typically has a bitmap format, where the image is pixelized (those visible squares that appear when you enlarge a picture).

Some examples of raster graphics include Paint Store Pro, GIMP, and Adobe Photoshop.

Vector graphics on the other hand, utilizes mathematical formulas in developing geometric figures, polygons, and lines. It can develop and resize images to infinite proportions without losing the image quality. It can also be made use of to create interactive and animated images, as well as video games and advanced website design. Some examples of vector graphics include Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, 3DsMax, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Live Motion.


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