Photoshop Tutorial : How to Change color of Hair in Photoshop

By | March 18, 2015

Steps for Changing Hair Color


This is the final output.As you can see, there are 2 different colors on the hair-Green and Red. Good Adobe Photoshop Tutorial to learn

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 1

Altering Hair Color-Final Output

1) Choose an excellent image

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 2

Excellent Hair Image

2) Choose the Pen Tool to choose a specific location of hair. After that press Ctrl+Enter to make Selection

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 3

Pen Tool

3) Include a new layer by pressing (Ctr +Shift + N) and paste(Ctr+ V) the copied area on the very same place.

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 4

3.1 Paste copied Hair on exact same location however Brand-new Layer Fig 1. A.

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 5

3.2 Paste copied Hair on same location but Brand-new Layer Fig 1. B.

3.3 Go to the Image menu, Image > Adjustments > Variations > and choose any good color you desire. Here I have actually choose green color. Now you will certainly see that the edges will be really sharp, we need to combine it with the real hair. To do this, select the eraser tool, reduce the opacity value to around 20 % and erase sharp edges.

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 6

Eliminate sharp edges utilizing eraser tool.

4)Now our Green colored hair is ideal. Take a look at the image listed below:.

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 7

Eco-friendly Shade on hair.

Photoshop Tutorial Change Hair 8

You can utilize the very same technique discussed above to make a different shade. Take a look at the image below:.

Brown Shade on the top section of hair.

I hope you like this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for changing hair color.

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