Reasons Why to choose CakePHP as Framework?

Reasons Why to choose CakePHP as Framework?

Reasons Why to choose CakePHP as Framework?

If somebody ask me what are those 10 things which drive me to choose this Framework as my primary one I will respond to with:

Reasons Why to choose CakePHP as Framework?

MVC Patteren

Model support information handling, with version class you could put, upgrade, remove or check out the information from the data source. Sight support information making on the display. Controller procedure as well as reacts to events as well as could customize information before it engage with the version (database). With this pattern it’s really easy to divide the logic from the discussion, which is extremely helpful for huge applications as well as sites. Just how is in CakePHP? It is MVC Driven structure, so you can refrain much if you don’t use this pattern. I located it actually convenient once you begin thinking MVC way.



Object Relational Mapping is a programs strategy for transforming data in between inappropriate type systems in data sources as well as object-oriented programming languages/ scarry huh?/. With basic words this mean, that every table is represented from a course. In these courses you could specify relations in between various other tables, recognition meaning and also you could predefine details callbacks especially for that table. One of the most crucial thing for me is the relationship interpretations, due to the fact that once they are correctly specified you could have below records/ from the associated tables/ without doing anything details– you just have them when you get the main document. This one I locate as incredibly practical. I had some jobs where I didn’t composed a single line of SQL.


Correct class inheritance

Cake has two primary folders in each job. Initially one is the core lib/ cake/, where I choose only to enjoy, but not to touch/ much like peep show/. The second folder is the Application specific one/ app/. Nowadays I check out a write-up “inheritance profanes” and also the writer is possibly partially right, yet in CakePHP inheritance is really reasonable as well as understandable. All Application particular controllers expand AppController course which is vacant, however can be extended with some additional logic or there you could predefine some core functions which you desire in specific way. The very same put on Models which expands AppModel where you could predefine as an example deletion rather to erase a document to note it only as erased with a flag and so on. With these two classes you can alter virtually every little thing you want.


Easily extend with Parts, Helpers, Behaviors and also Plug-ins

This factor is very important for me, because it allow us to create parts of reusable code which is very practical for more than one task. As opposed to prolong Cake’s core libraries, special functionality can be positioned in parts, assistants, behaviors as well as a mix of Versions, Sights and Controllers encapsulated as Plug-ins– by doing this you can modularize your tasks.

There are a great deal of plug-ins assistants and also parts in CakeForge website, so you do not need to create everything from the scratch.


Absolutely no Configuration

In CakePHP there isn’t really single part of code/ arrangement/ where you should define the location of the collection or the link of the website– everything is auto-detect and the only thing you should respect is the Database connection settings.


Build in validation

When I start coding with Cake the validation was actually standard/ at least that’s just what I saw in the tutorials and also articles/, today it come to be actually beneficial attribute where you might connect several advanced recognition guidelines to single field. I have some concepts for Ajax validation which I would share in a brand-new post later.


Ajax support

There is Ajax helper class in the core lib which you could make use of in numerous means– form send via Ajax, Event onlooker or integrate in Autocomplete. I have a short article about Autocomplete with ID=> Value relationship which you could have a look. CakePHP makes use of Ajax with Prototype and Scriptaculous.


ACL Functionality as well as Protection

CakePHP has build in Consent and Security. There are numerous articles explaining the ACL reasoning, the one in the Cake Manual is very valuable.


CRUD scaffolding

CRUD originated from Produce, Review, Update, Delete– these are the main tasks in the majority of web applications. It is incredibly practical, because with one single line of code you could see preliminary view of your application. In cake core lib there was bake.php, currently becoming/ console/cake. With this manuscript is really easy to be “created” all models, controllers and sights and afterwards they could be changed for the particular needs of the application. I truly like that feature and I am using it every single time when I begin brand-new application– saves a lot of time.


Ability to Creating tests

This so far is not my much-loved attribute, but I would really intend to use it in the future. Cake give capability to produce tests which will certainly aid you to check the crucial points in your applications. There are core tests, along with personalized ones, which you can develop your own. It’s handy when you construct a large application where some parts are vital as well as the efficiency must be examined meticulously.

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