Steps for learning Graphics Design course.

By | August 20, 2014

Read these 10 Steps for learning Graphics design course

  1. Knowledge is must.
    Before learning Graphics design course you should gather some knowledge about this course by working professionals or attending free counselling sessions in various institutes offering this course. Internet is also the main source to gather complete knowledge about this course. In knowledge one should know about all graphics design software and its use. You should know your targets that what exactly you want to learn and in which field or media you need specialization.
  2. Join specialized institutes.
    After counselling you should join the Institute which is offering exactly the course which is matching your targets and specializations. Online graphics design course is another option but for practical live project training join Institute which will save your time and will make you learning faster.
  3. Software are just tools.
    Learning graphics design course is not just learning software and tools but to make your mind creative. Learning to create your own idea is main subject to focus on for every graphics designer. For increasing creativity there are several exercises which can be done. Creativity is the base of every graphics designer.
  4. Be perfect in software also.
    Graphics designer should be perfect in all its tools. To become perfect in all software, designer should try to make same design as he is looking for, made by other professionals. He will be doing all that work in software which other professional has done and will using all those tools which one professional designer should use. This exercise of practice will increase visualization power.
  5. While learning work on live projects.
    When designer is working for clients with their live projects he will learn faster.  Facing problems while doing live projects and getting solutions with proper guidance will teach every designer to be perfect in their work. Professional Institute will provide with these live projects to practice on.
  6. Media tips and knowledge
    Graphics designer should focus on the media knowledge for which he is designing its project. If he is doing projects for advertisement agencies, Publishers, T.V Production house or for any website company then he should have a thorough knowledge of the respective media. Graphics designer should gain knowledge of print media, web media or electronic media in which he is trying to make his career.
  7. Colour theory
    knowledge of colour modes is necessary for every graphics designer. What is RGB colour mode or CMYK mode? Difference between the two modes and when to use which mode. Apart from this, graphics designer should play with colours.
  1. Typography skills
    No design is complete without using types. Using type or fonts in your design is very important to know. Typographic skills are must for every graphics designer. By this skill one can improve its quality of design far better. Typography art can make career of any designer which is always demanded by the company. By this designer can convey its message to his audience very easily.
  2. Practice, Practice & Practice.
    Making design is all practical work, no theoretical knowledge can teach you practical skills, and no theoretical knowledge can solve your problem while doing work. Design is all about practical and more you practice more you learn. Experienced designers are always demanded by the companies with good salary packages.

Bapu Graphics wishes you all the very best for your career as graphics designer.

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