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ANIME BEADS Photoshop Tutorial

I got a demand from the online forum for this effect from among our Members staying in Japan. This is a method that is all the rage over there. Not knowing exactly what is impact is called, I decided to dub it the “Anime Bead” impact. Delight in! COMPONENTS ANIME BEADS Photoshop Tutorial Step 1… Read More »

Fire Effect Stepby step tutorial : Adobe Photoshop Tips

Adobe Photoshop Tips : Fire Effect Tutorial Course Step by step Make New: document Preset: “1024 x 768” Reset Swatches Press ‘D’ for default Swatches Black and White   Filter : Render > Clouds     Filter: Render > Difference Clouds Lighting Effects : Blue Omni Lighting Effects: Light list Select Blue Omni Preset from Lighting… Read More »