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Advance course contents in web design and development course

Web is growing fast. To understand latest technology codes and content go through this step by step article. Delhi’s most advance web design course. The advance things which are all added in the contents of Bapu Graphics web design and development course with all detailed explanation, study material, Advance tips & Tricks, Latest projects. Go through all these advance technology course for web designers and web developers.

1) HTML 5 Course

latest hypertext markup language Codes now become to develop all multimedia stuff like animations, Audio, Video, Shapes, Vector graphics, Geo-locations, Time media, Drag & Drop, Micro data, Web storage, File Filter. All these things now can be handled with the codes of HTML 5. It is the most advance structuring language with all new Tags and attributes.

2) CSS 3 Course

Most advance course to give you website look with new styles. Cascading style sheets define styles for every tag, element to give different look to your websites. Working on the styles of backgrounds, positions, borders, colors, gradients, layout, marquee, selectors, fonts, content, boxes are all things which boost this code. Working on this code is now fast and easy.

3) J-Query Course

It is open library for all Java script users. The much more advance version of Java script. Today java script user changed their way to write codes with the help of J-query. Animations, Effects, Galleries, Interactive Effects, Sliders, dynamic forms all are now much simpler. Developing codes and manipulating them with help of JS is all done in J-query. Added advantage is that the codes of J-query is understand by every latest browser. So learn if you make look your website animated with effects in a easy way.

4) PHP Course

Database language learn more about PHP by clicking here

5) WordPress Course

Today WordPress is most popular tool in the industry for making advance websites based on PHP and MySQL. It is Free open source content management system. Creating website for managing your database is now easy with the help of this Tool. Understanding its dashboard will make you perfect and knowing PHP code is added advantage so one can edit or customize code of its developed themes. Creating your Blog with advance features can done by this most popular blogging tool. Today millions of website are made using WordPress tool.

6) Responsive (Bootstrap) Course

Making your website compatible with all different sizes of screens of different media like Monitors, Tabs and Mobiles. As your screen changes with width and height in sizes your web also change its shape, designs and layouts. Make your web responsive with the help of HTML and CSS codes. Bootstrap is the collection of all HTML and CSS course provided to you for applying it on your website.  It is compatible with all latest browsers and with help of this you can work on Java script extensions, forms, navigations etc.

7) AJAX Course

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. New art to develop your codes mixture of codes JS and XML. With the help of Ajax one can update its part of web page without reloading the complete webpage. Pre-loader comes on same page and upload your data from server at that particular point of time. Ajax is to create interactive Websites. It increases the working speed of your website.

8) Magento Course

Magento is an open source e-commerce solution. It is most advance content management system to develop e-commerce website very fast. Once you understand the platform than developing e-commerce websites in Magento is Time saver, fast and easy task. In Magento one can explore in millions of themes, plugins, work on its codes to customize everything you like.

Some of the advance developing codes for every developer are given above with the small descriptions. There are many other codes and tools to understand. Once you visit Bapu Graphics for free counseling session you will come to know which customization of course is best for you. For more advance tools, codes and about tips on Graphics and web continue reading articles and tips by Bapu Graphics for your help.

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