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Adobe Photoshop CC Online Quiz Master - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Photoshop CC Quiz Master

Adobe Photoshop CC Online Quiz Master

This adobe photoshop CC online quiz is designed to test your skill in the basic areas of Photoshop. Try this Mcqs questions and answers Adobe Photoshop online quiz test to check your basic knowledge of adobe photoshop.

Try this Adobe Photoshop CC Online Quiz Master

Welcome to your Adobe Photoshop CC Quiz Master

What does contiguous option mean in Magic Wand Tool. What will happen if we check mark this option

In Photoshop which tool is used to make selections with the help of Brush ?

Direct selection tools helps us to...

The process to record all set of commands and run again quickly can be done with the help of which Panel?

Name the image adjustment command to set an image in only exact two colors with full 100 percent?

File Format use to save image with transparent background is..

For Publishing books which software is most helpful in Graphic Design

Which Filter helps us to remove Dust and Scratches from an Image ?

How you can remove background from hairs in Adobe Photoshop easily?

Which Command is used to place an Image in waving flag naturally

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