Adobe Premiere Quiz

Adobe Premiere Quiz

To find your knowledge about the latest version of Adobe Premiere Software, try Adobe Premiere Quiz which contains all the MCQ’s Questions. When you will done with this quiz, then click on the “SUBMIT” button to know your points.

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Welcome to your Adobe Premiere Quiz

In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, what does ‘L’ key do?

What is Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

What is the shortcut of Track Select Forward Tool?
Which tool is used to cut video/audio from anywhere in the Timeline?

What is the meaning of ‘I’ and ‘O’ in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

Which category of Video Effects creates objects in Video?

If we want to Remove background chroma which Video Effects category we will use?
If content of a project is deleted from the location, what message will be prompted by Adobe Premiere Pro CC?
To make a group of videos at one place in timeline, what one can do?

In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, what does ‘K’ key do?

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