Corel Draw Advance Quiz Series – 1

Corel Draw Advance Quiz helps you to gain knowledge on hidden commands and their purpose to have in Corel Draw… you will surely come to know with some of the new facts and techniques to know about the commands in Corel Draw

Welcome to your Corel Draw Advance Quiz Series-1

Save the Magnification level of the Window
Cancels the Previous Action..
From Where we can view Layers in Corel Draw ?
How many types of Tabs Alignment is in Corel Draw
"Scale and Mirror" is part of which command
Default Number of Constrain Angle in Corel Draw is
Maximum Number of Undo's we can do in Corel Draw is
In Snap to Object we can't snap to
Page sorter view in Corel Draw shows
Distort tool in Corel Draw can't distort in this manner

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