Corel Draw Interview Questions

Corel Draw Interview Questions for all the Candidates going to Interview as a Graphic Designer and applied for Corel Draw Software should know all these Answers.. or should be eligible to answer all these questions with their detailed explanation, you can try this Corel Draw Quiz to analyze your Corel Draw Knowledge

Welcome to your Corel Draw Interview Questions

Which is not the Property of Rectangle in Corel Draw ?
Meaning of Offset is....
How many Types of Indents are there in Text in Corel Draw ?
Bitmaps are...
I am not a Property of Vectors...
Corel Draw is used for making...
Nudge Distance can be controlled with..
How many Inches are there in a Feet ?
How many types of Distortions can Distort Tool Do ?
Which Commands allowed to select unfilled object by clicking inside it in Corel Draw ?
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