CorelDraw Assessment Test

CorelDraw Assessment Test

Play our best CorelDraw Assessment Test which contains all the MCQ’s Questions of CorelDraw. After the quiz is over, then click on “SUBMIT” button to know your points.

Welcome to your CorelDraw Assessment Test

When an A2 paper is divided equally from the center, which size will you obtain?

What is the default paper type/size when you open CorelDraw window?

______________ is used for selecting and deselecting objects.

CorelDraw is a ____________ based drawing Application Package.

In a bookwork of ten pages, one of the sheets will contain the following numbering:

The default size for the design of complimentary card is _________.

The shortcut for making selected objects straight from the top is__________.

The shortcut key for accessing symbols and special characters is _________.

What does the Eyedropper tool do?

B" is the keyboard shortcut for:

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