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CSS Online Quiz - BapuGraphics


CSS3 Online Quiz

CSS Online Quiz – BapuGraphics

This CSS Online Quiz was created to determine how well an individual understands the basic properties and application of CSS classes.

Welcome to your css quiz

  1. How do you make a list and its items with squares?

2. How do you change the left margin of an element?

3. How do you display a border top border = 20px,  bottom border = 10px,  left border = 25px, right border = 1px ?

4. How do you make the text bold?

5. How do you change the font of an element?

6. How do you make each word in a text start with a capital letter?

7. Which CSS property controls the text size?

8. Syntax h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF} is used to change background color for all


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