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CSS3 Quiz with Answers - Web and Graphics Quiz



CSS3 Quiz with Answers

CSS3 Quiz with Answers

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers for CSS3 Quiz with Answers. Play our CSS3 Quiz with Answers Quiz and Earn points and check how sharp your skill are in CSS3.


Welcome to your CSS3 Quiz with Answers

1. CSS3 has been fully supported by all browsers.

  1. How can you make rounded corners making use of CSS3?

  1. Just how do you include shadow to elements in CSS3?

  1. The best ways to you modify a border photo using CSS3?

  1. The best ways to resize a background image using CSS3?

  1. The correct way to include text shadow using CSS3 is text-shadow: 5px 5px 5px grey;

7. The correct way to force a word wrap using CSS3 is...

8. The new and easier way to import or modify fonts with CSS3 is...

9. Which of the below valid CSS3 transformation statements?

10. Which of the below property is true to rotate objects using CSS3?

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