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CSS3 Skills Test Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


CSS3 Skills Test Quiz

CSS3 Skills Test Quiz

CSS3 Skills Test Quiz

There are 10 questions in the CSS3 Skills Test Quiz . They are of different difficulty levels and created in a way so as to access comprehensive knowledge of the subject. You will be required to answer all the 10 questions, no question is optional and so you would not be able to submit the test without answering all the questions.

CSS3 Skills Test Quiz

Welcome to your CSS3 Skills Test Quiz

  1. Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?

3. How do you change the font of an element?

4. Which property is used to create rounded borders?

5. Which command we use to set an image on background?

6. Can you use a negative number as the blur radius value?

7. In CSS tables, the possible values for the caption-side property can have the following values.

8. You specify more than one box shadow to an element.

9. RGBa can not be applied to which of these sections?

10. Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?

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