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Take The Expert SEO Quiz - BapuGraphics


Take The Expert SEO Quiz - BapuGraphics

Take The Expert SEO Quiz – BapuGraphics

Take The Expert SEO Quiz of BapuGraphics and Test your SEO skills right now. Find out if you’re a real SEO pro, or just some wanna be SEO hack.

Welcome to your Seo Quiz - 3


  1. Implementing a 301 Permanent Redirects on the old pages to redirect to the new pages is a good idea from the SEO perspective.

2. What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?

3.  Google gives priority to themed inbound links.

4.  Google displays up to _____ characters of a web page Title Tag.

5. Which search engine technology prevents a website from appearing in numerous top positions in the search engine result pages?

6. The Yahoo Directory listing is a free service for commercial sites.

7. A Sitemap provides a list of internal links to user accessible pages on a website.

8. Which of the following does Google use to display characters of a web page’s Title Tag?

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