HTML Basic Quiz for Beginners

HTML Basic Quiz for Beginners | HTML Skill Test

HTML Basic Quiz for Beginners| HTML Skill Test

Do you know everything about HTML let see! The HTML Basic Quiz for Beginners has 10 action-packed questions and takes 15-20 minutes to complete. This skill test is testing our HTML  knowledge daily but how about a quiz with some easy, some difficult, and some very difficult HTML questions? So from here play HTML Quiz for Beginners and you can test your skills and get to know how Sharpe your skills are in HTML

HTML Basic Quiz for Beginners

Welcome to your HTML Basic Quiz For Begginers

1) What tag is utilized to include columns to tables?
2) Use<td> and also </td>to add exactly what to your tables?
3) What is the REFRESH Meta tag made use of for?
4) Screen colors are defined by which colors?
5) What tag can avoid websites with adult web content from being seen on MSIE browsers?
6) To define a font for your whole page what tag need to be add?
7) Enhancing the cellpadding value will do exactly what?
8) Which of the following is NOT true of metatags utilize?
9) To change the size of a picture in HTML utilize exactly what?
10) Hex-colors are the only way to specify colors on website?

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