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JavaScript General Question Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


JavaScript General Question Quiz

JavaScript General Question Quiz

JavaScript General Question Quiz

JavaScript General Question Quiz

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers useful for learning JavaScript. Play our JavaScript General Question Quiz  and Earn points and check how sharp your skill are in JavaScript programming.

Welcome to your JavaScript General Question Quiz



    1. Choose the four symbol pairs that represent RegExp properties lastMatch, lastParent, leftContext, and rightContext, respectively:


2. Which of the following properties hold the values of the pixels of the length of the width and height of the viewer's screen resolution?

3. ParseInt(“15”,10)=?

4. Which JavaScript feature uses JAR files?

5. How to assign a function to a variable with the JavaScript Function constructor ?

6. In JavaScript, Window.alert() is used to allow user to enter something

function x()
var qpt = "We are fast growing Software Company located in Chennai, India.";
var pattern = new RegExp("in","gi");

document.write(pattern.exec(qpt) + " ");
document.write(pattern.exec(qpt) + " ");
document.write(pattern.exec(qpt) + " ");

8. Javascript already has any date data type

9. Math. round(-20.5)=?

10. ?_name is it valid javascript identifier

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