Online Adobe Dreamweaver Quiz

Online Adobe Dreamweaver Quiz

Play this Online Adobe Dreamweaver Quiz to analysis your knowledge and skills in Adobe Dreamweaver. This Online Adobe Dreamweaver Quiz has all MCQ’s Questions. When you have complete the quiz then click on “SUBMIT” button to know your result.

Welcome to your Online Adobe Dreamweaver Quiz

Who Is the founder of Adobe Dreamweaver?

How many Sites can you use with Dreamweaver installed on your computer?

Which of the following isn’t style in Dreamweaver?

____ tag provides you the largest text.

Dreamweaver helps in creating which of these files:

Write the Shortcut key for close in Dreamweaver

_________ mode shows both code and live design:

Write the Shortcut key for close in Dreamweaver

Can we to convert layers to tables and tables to layers, Using Dreamweaver.

Write the Shortcut key for preview in browser in Dreamweaver

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