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Online CSS Quiz For Beginners - Web and Graphics Quiz


online css quiz for beginners

Online CSS Quiz For Beginners

Take this amazing online quiz on CSS and see how much you know. A stylesheet language called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) describes the presentation of an HTML or XML document. The CSS stylesheet specifies how elements should appear on screen, in print, or in speech.  

Welcome to your Online CSS Quiz For Beginners

Inline styles are defined by which HTML attribute?

A CSS file contains a comment. How do you insert it?

Based on the element's ID, which of the following selectors matches it?

How does an image scroll in the background? Which property controls it?

If the class name 'test' is present, how do you select it?

If you have a div element with many 'P' elements, how can you select them all?

In the position property, what is the default value?

Which of these statements is valid for CSS3 transformations?

When RGBA is written, what does 'A' stand for?

Assuming the grid container contains flex items, which CSS property represents the order of the items in the grid?

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