Online Graphic Design Test

Online Graphic Design Test

Take this small Online Graphic Design Test to know what kind of the skills you have in Graphic Design. This Online Graphic Design Test contains 10 MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions). So let’s begin with the quiz

Welcome to your Online Graphic Design Test

Nike is branding in graphic design terms.

Who is the maker of Illustrator and PhotoShop?

Choose the word that completes this step: “Explain and justify the -----------

Which of the following is part of the Design Specification sheet?

Which of the following is a material that could be found on a design Specification sheet?

The Design Specification sheet is where you list the target client and their needs.

When developing your ideas, you are supposed to create multiple solutions.

During this phase of the design cycle, you will demonstrate technical skills.

Before you start to build your product, it is necessary to have a…

Which of the following is an example of “technical skill’’?

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