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PHP Interview Quiz in 2022 - Web and Graphics Quiz


PHP interview quiz

PHP Interview Quiz in 2022

PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a commonly utilized open-source shows language precisely fit for producing vibrant websites and mobile APIs. So, if you are preparing to begin your profession in PHP and want to know the skills associated with it, currently is the right time to dive in. now, you can try this PHP Interview Quiz.

Welcome to your PHP Interview Quiz

Which is function is used to find the length of string?

Which can hold multiple variables?

Which function is used to delete file in PHP?

How we set a Cookies with HTTP response in PHP?

How can you retrieve a cookie value?

Which function is used to send a raw HTTP header to a client?

Which array containing one or more arrays within itself?

which function can divide array into many parts?

Which is used to break a string into an array?

Which of the following is used to concatenation in PHP?

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