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PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions - Web and Graphics Quiz


PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions

PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions

PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions

PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers for PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions. Play our PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions and Earn points and check how sharp your skill are in PHP Framework

Welcome to your PHP Online Fun Quiz Questions


1. Whether One-line comment begin with pound sing(#) in php?

2. In PHP, during error handling include() generates a warning, but the script will continue execution

3. <?php
$qpt = 'Eat to live, but not live to eat';
echo preg_match("/^to/", $qpt);

4. <?php
echo count($x) . "," . count($y);

Guess the Output

5. PHP is a _____ . It means you do not have to tell PHP which data type the variable is. PHP automatically converts the variable to the correct data type, depending on its value

6. Which one of the following is not a valid variable name?

7. Which of the following function is used to change the root directory in PHP?

8. PHP is

9. <? $father="mother";
echo $$father;

10. <?php
echo count($y);

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