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Seo Quiz - Test Your Knowledge Of SEO


Seo Quiz - Test Your Knowledge Of SEO

Seo Quiz – Test Your Knowledge Of SEO

Seo Quiz for beginners and intermediate to test your knowledge of SEO.

Welcome to your Seo Quiz

  1.  When performing an off-page SEO audit, what % of anchor text should be branded?

2. The robots.txt file:


3. Select The correctly formatted snippet of HTML:

4. Correct URL structure for SEO example where we are considering an iPhone case:

5. Which type of sites targeted by Google Penguin algorithm:

6. The meta keywords HTML tag is currently one of the top ranking factors.

7. Select all analytics programs that can be a Similar to Google Analytics:

8. Anchor text refers to the URL of the link within a hyperlink.

9. It is safe to link to your own website, as long as:

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