6 Things you should remember for UX design

By | May 8, 2017

6 Things you should remember for UX design

The world of UX design is hectic and constantly altering. It can be overwhelming to keep up with what is coming next, so we’ve rounded up a few points to keep in your mind.

6 Things you should remember for UX design

01. Don’t obtain scooped by the next large point

Design trends will constantly become part of the design landscape, and now– thanks to social media sites– the a lot more effective ones will spread like wildfire across the globe (cough, flat design). It can be all also simple for us designers to jump on these trends as well as devote our energies to them, however as increasingly more trends emerge, it depends on us to assume critically about each design fad and also see whether it in fact is something worth spending quality time on.


02. It’s all about software that assists collaboration

Devices such as Lay out bridge the gap between design as well as development

We are no more in the age of the solo developer, heroically operating in Photoshop creating pixel-perfect layouts that obtain tossed over the wall surface to development teams. Us designers need to welcome the variety of UX tools offered to us since aid connect the space in between design as well as development, like Map out as well as Zeplin.


03. Individuals are coming for your jobs. Skill up!

There are many starving designers around that have actually typically thought about themselves as web, graphic or UI designers that are now getting experienced up and also educated regarding UX design. These designers bring tons of skills from various other techniques and are becoming real hybrid designers. So, conventional ‘pure’ UX designers might have to think of skilling up in various other locations to stay affordable.


04. Considering more than just the visual

As technology advances, we are being hired to think about experiences that are greater than simply visual. Where you are looking, what you are listening to, exactly how you are touching– all of these are ending up being progressively essential for UX designers to think about; it’s not just exactly what our users are seeing on a display. It’s truly crucial we maintain educated regarding the opportunities of technology and think about exactly how we can design complete experiences for all the senses.


05. The next evolution of the Wireframe

Wireframes are traditionally a staple deliverable of UX designers, however how can we level wireframes as much as cope with the expectations of today’s design environment, where movement, gestures and also interactivity rule? Just what is the next evolution of the wireframe as well as exactly how can it best assistance our groups? Anticipate to see some interesting iterations pushing the limits of exactly what we think a wireframe is.


06. Creative facilitation is the secret

An expanding skill area for UX designers is the ability to artistically help with workshops, design sprints and also meetings. The purpose it to be a reliable catalyst to move teams to concepts, decisions as well as results that are steps ahead of the pack. Leading groups with video games, tasks and conversations is a critical job responsibility that more and more business are jumping on.

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