All Corel Draw Shortcut Tips A to Z

By | October 18, 2014

All Corel Draw Shortcuts A to Z with CTR , SHIFT, CTR + SHIFT and More


Single Letter Shortcut of Corel Draw from A to Z

A: Spiral

B: Align Bottom

C: Align Centers Vertically

D: Graph Paper

E: Align Centers Horizontally

F: A tool modifier

G: Interactive Fill

H: Pan

I: Artistic Media

K: A tool modifier

L: Align Left

M: Mesh Fill

N: Navigator

P: Center to Page

R: Align Right

T: Align Top

W: A tool modifier

X: Eraser

Y: Polygon

Z: Zoom


F1 to F12 Shortcuts

F2: Zoom one shot

F3: Zoom out

F4: Zoom to Fit

F5: Freehand

F6: Rectangle

F7: Ellipse

F8: Text

F9: Full Screen Preview

F10: Shape

F11: Fountain Fill

F12: Outline Pen


Page Up: Previous Page

Page Down: Next Page

Delete: Delete Objects


Below are all Corel Draw shortcuts keys with CTR + Alphabetical letters from A to Z.

CTR + A: Select All Objects, Text, and Guidelines

CTR + B: Brightness/Contrast/Intensity… and Bold Text

CTR + C: Copy

CTR + D: Duplicate Object

CTR + E: Export

CTR + F: Find Objects

CTR + G: Group

CTR + I: Import and Italic Text

CTR + J: Options

CTR + K: Break Apart

CTR + L: Combine

CTR + M: Use Bullets

CTR + N: New File

CTR + O: Open File

CTR + P: Print File

CTR + Q: Convert to Curves

CTR + R: Repeat

CTR + S: Save File

CTR + T: Text Properties

CTR + U: Ungroup and Underline Text

CTR + V: Paste

CTR + W: Refresh Window

CTR + X: Cut

CTR + Y: Snap to Document Grid

CTR + Z: Undo


CTR + F2: View Manager

CTR + F3: Symbol Manager

CTR + F5: Object Styles

CTR + F6: Color Styles

CTR + F7: Envelope

CTR + F8: Convert

CTR + F9: Contour

CTR + F11: Insert Symbol Character

CTR + F12: Spell Check…

CTR + HOME: To Front Of Page

CTR + END: To Back Of Page


CTR + PAGE UP: Forward One



CTR + 0 to 9: Define Selection Group 1 to 9


CTR + NUMPAD2: Font Size Decrease

CTR + NUMPAD4: Font Size Previous Combo Size

CTR + NUMPAD6: Font Size Next Combo Size

CTR + NUMPAD8: Font Size Increase


Below are all Corel Draw shortcuts keys with SHIFT + Alphabetical letters from A to Z.

SHIFT + A: Distribute Spacing Vertically

SHIFT + B: Distribute Bottom

SHIFT + C: Distribute Centers Vertically

SHIFT + E: Distribute Centers Horizontally

SHIFT + L: Distribute Left

SHIFT + P: Distribute Spacing Horizontally

SHIFT + R: Distribute Right

SHIFT + S: Smart Drawing

SHIFT + T: Distribute Top


Below are all Corel Draw shortcuts keys with CTR + SHIFT + Alphabetical letters from A to Z.

CTR + SHIFT + B: Color Balance…

CTR + SHIFT + D: Step and Repeat…

CTR + SHIFT + E: Sample Mesh Fill Color

CTR + SHIFT + J: Join Curves

CTR + SHIFT + O: Stop Recording

CTR + SHIFT + P: Run Temporary Macro

CTR + SHIFT + Q: Convert Outline To Object

CTR + SHIFT + R: Record Temporary Macro

CTR + SHIFT + S: Save As…

CTR + SHIFT + T: Edit Text…

CTR + SHIFT + U: Hue/Saturation/Lightness…

CTR + SHIFT + Z: Redo



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