Eleven things every Web designer should know in Photoshop.


Photoshop Tips for every Web Designer

  1. Actions
    Web designers some time wants to repeat same type of effects on various images or want to adjust image colors, levels in many number of images. With the help of actions in Photoshop they can record all their actions and can repeat all these recorded actions in just one click to save their time.
  2. Layer comps.
    Very useful commands for all web designers. From layer composition palate designer can manage many designs options in just one file of Photoshop. Minor changes in design now don’t require any designer to save many numbers of files. With layer comps one file can handle many designs options.
  3. Canvas size
    Image menu holds this very important command for all web designers in Photoshop. Web designer wants to increase or decrease canvas in particular size in pixels. Without stretching Image one can increase canvas and can write footnote or any kind of descriptions in the image.
  4. Shape Layers
    Working vector in Photoshop creating scalable shapes, working with nodes managing many shapes in one layer making Web Layout very fast can only be the help of having knowledge of shape layers in Photoshop.
  5. Smart Object
    Managing layers now become easy for every web designer. Web designer can make smart layers by making smart objects in one layer. You can merge many layers in one smart layers and now all remains can be separate and will remain editable.
  6. Layer Mask
    Making attractive banners, backgrounds, collages or you can say mixing more than one images and now your website will look full of attractive designs. After getting knowledge of this layer mask command it will be easy for every web designer to make all kind of matte paintings.
  7. CSS3 Style
    Web designer designs their layout in Photoshop and also use different styles of text. Converting these all text to CSS style codes is now just a one click game. Writing codes of many text styles is now just by one click. These advance commands make Photoshop software very special for all web designers.
  8. Crop tool
    Crop tool is now very advance in Photoshop for all web designers. Now it is not just use to crop Images but has many more options to do with it for web designers. Cropping different images to same size, setting image resolution or use of perspective crop tool in images is very useful to all web designers.
  9. Batch
    Repeating your recorded actions to full folder of images and saving them automatically is done by Batch command. Batch command is located in File menu under automate in Photoshop software. All web designer use these commands to save their hours of time for repeating works.
  10. Variable
    Writing text in different images with help of database from excel file can done with the variables in image menu. Photoshop is now with very advance command for all web designers.
  11. Image optimization
    Making Image size less to make it upload Fast in website. It can be done by ‘Save for web’ command in file menu. Web designer can save images in different file format like PNG, JPEG, GIF. Images can be saved in very small size in space. MB’s can be converted in KB’s with this command.

Photoshop is must for every web designers to make their task easy and fast. Repeated actions can be done by commands, managing is now easy, Image optimization, database work, Cropping images, CSS styles and with many more advance commands Adobe Photoshop is advance with all its latest features.

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