Six steps to make your Design and Illustration work look Original after graphics design course.

By | August 20, 2014

Graphics Design course and web design course Tips

  1. Sketch what you think.
    Before using any software in computers you should first use the most simple and creative tools, which are your pencil and paper. Just scribble on paper what you are thinking and do whatever you like. Design your Illustration more and more times and work on each part of your illustration in depth.
  2. Plan your design.
    Design your illustration having a proper plan of your targets. Keep in mind your product for which you are creating illustrations. Plan your illustration by keeping in mind the audience you are targeting to. Graphics designers always plan the design and illustration they are making and try to make it unique.
  3. Capture your own sources
    capture your original sources with your digital camera. Try to experiment with these all sources. Also compare your sources with all other sources used by different professionals. Original data is the main source of your designs to look original.
  4. Move to Software
    Graphics design course is very important to know the use of more advanced graphics design software with more advanced tools. To become more creative and advance in your designs, software knowledge is must. So join some quality institute for practical training and work direct on your projects to make them look original.
  5. Set your goals and face challenges.
    Your goals should be set and you should move towards them by facing all challenges coming in between.
  6. Design with passion
    Make your design with full passion. Unless and until you are satisfied with the results you want to give to your design, till then you should be after it. Design, design & design should be the only one thing in your mind. Generate Idea , catch idea from anywhere you can. Relate everything you see with your design for better results.

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