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Adobe Flash General Questions Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Flash General Questions Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Flash General Questions Quiz

A key frame that contains objects will be represented by a ___________ circle.

Use this to move symbols from one point to another. All animation happens between key frames (point A and B). The timeline turns purple between the key frames when this feature is being used. A dashed or dotted line in the colored area indicates a problem.

Empty key frames are indicated by a _________________ circle on the timeline

____________ is a way to partially hide an image in the layer immediately below another layer. The 2 layers get “locked” together to produce the effect.

____________, when used appropriately, adds to the viewer’s experience, making for a much richer and enjoyable activity.

Use this to make a symbol disappear from view (great for changing pictures). You would use motion tween for this method. You have to change the “alpha” setting of the symbol. Alpha represents transparency.

Changing this can sometimes make an animation look smoother.

The ___________ panel contains the basic tools needed to draw and modify objects.

The ___________________ is a holding place for all symbols and imported images and sounds within a single Flash file.

This panel indicates what settings are being used for objects and allows you to change those settings.

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