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Adobe Indesign Basic Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Indesign Basic Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Indesign Basic Quiz

Is Adobe Indesign works for Print Media only.

What do you mean by Slug Area in Indesign?

Adobe Indesign can generate QR codes?

The command TEXT FRAME OPTION (CTR + B) Appears in which Menu.

Shortcut CTR + 0 Represent to which view command?

‘x’ and ‘y’ represent the..

Swatches panel shows all

Books Index page can be made with the help of …

Which commands does not come under Transforms commands.

The special symbols comes by which command.

Fancy, Bevel, Inset, Inverse Rounded comes under which commands of Adobe Indesign.

Shortcut of Pages Panel in Adobe Indesign is..

For which we cannot make styles in Adobe Indesign.

Can we create Animations in Adobe Indesign.

Adobe Indesign CC is version number …

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