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Seo Basic Questions quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Seo Basic Questions quiz

Welcome to your Seo Basic Questions quiz

What is SEO?

What is the "secret recipe" for turning websites into search results?

The video says that the key to higher rankings is making sure your site has all the necessary ingredients for a search engine "recipe" - What does the "ingredients" represent?

What are some of the ingredients in a search algorithm?

How do Search Engines Deal with Linking Schemes (like paying for people to link to your website?)

If I wanted to recommend a site on my website that sold pizza in Toronto, what is the best phrase to use to link to that pizza place?

What does a site need to be considered a Reputable Site?

What search engine accounts for 64.4% of the searches conducted?

60% of all internet users use search engines daily

What position on a search engine would you be to be getting approx. 11.94% of their traffic?

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