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Adobe Flash Brain Test Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Flash Brain Test Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Flash Brain Test Quiz

Separate program that allows you to convert media that is not already in a flash appropriate format.

A function that is triggered by another function when something is true.

A thing which possess characteristics - functions/methods - and attributes.

A powerful multimedia creation tool for the web. Can be used to create and display content ranging from simple animations - video - to sound and to content rich applications.

To know if a shape tween is created successfully - Click Control > _______.

To make a ________. 1) Select a symbol. 2) Insert different keyframe on the same layer and change the symbol on the second key frame - 3)Right click on any frame in between two keyframes - 3) Create Motion Tween.

Animation on an invisible line.

Places a shape in something of a group element. This is similar too how objects are created in adobe illustrator.

Animation where objects change in each frame.

The rules of a language.

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