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Adobe Flash Skill Test Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Flash Skill Test Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Flash Skill Test Quiz

Another name for empty key frame.

The number of picture displayed in a second in Flash.

Movie Clip - Button and Graphic.

To create a motion tween 1) Select a shape object 2) Insert ________ on the same layer and change it to a new shape 3)Right click on any frame in between two keyframes - 3) Create Create Shape Tween.

Text that is meant to be updated by code.

Something that you drag to move to indicate your current frame. (Orange/Red in color).

You can _________ like you import a graphic (file --> import) - you can also adjust the compression method including bit rates. Compression is only applied when the file is exported and not to the original audio file.

A block of reusable code.

The main working area in flash where you will create and manipulate art work.

The programming language that goes with Flash.

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