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Adobe Photoshop Command Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Photoshop Command Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Photoshop Command Quiz

These are used to clean up or retouch your photos, apply special art effects that give your image the appearance of a sketch or impressionistic painting, or create unique transformations using distortions and lighting effects.

This layer panel technique will hide what's on a layer and reveal part of it's contents with a brush

Which one is not a main menu item?

The definition for this term is the range of color.

These are separate pieces for an overall image

The 3 keystroke shortcut to open the Liquify Filter.

In this procedure you can manipulate an object such as distort, flip, rotate, or change perspective

The Tools that can be activated with the letter 'O'?

____________ include File, Edit, Image, Layer, Type, Select, Filter, 3D, View, Window, Help

___________ + ____ is the shortcut to duplicate a layer.

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