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CSS True or False Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


CSS True or False Quiz

Welcome to your CSS True or False Quiz

Linking to an external style sheet allows you to have hyperlinks from your page to the World Wide Web.

The MIME type for a CSS style sheet is "stylesheet = CSS"

The rel attribute specifies a relationship between the current document and another document, such as a style sheet.

The link element should be placed at the top of the body section.

Elements that have higher z-index values are displayed in front of elements with lower z-index values.

CSS can add background images to documents.

The correct CSS syntax for making all the span elements bold is span{font-weight:bold}?

We use Color: property to change the text color of an element.

margin:center snippet of CSS is commonly used to center a website horizontally?

font-name: Is the correct CSS syntax to change the font name.

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