Photoshop Quiz for Experts

Photoshop Quiz for Experts

Photoshop Quiz for Experts

There are 10 questions in the Photoshop Quiz for Experts. They are of different difficulty levels and created in a way so as to access comprehensive knowledge of the subject. You will be required to answer all the 10 questions, no question is optional and so you would not be able to submit the test without answering all the questions.

Photoshop Quiz for Experts

Welcome to your Photoshop Quiz for Experts


    1. The __________ allows you to copy the area of the layer from one place to another place.

2. To delete items from history, drag them into the trash can.
3. The   tool allows you to cut text out of a scenic background for use in your design.
4. To fill in a layer as a background, which of the following tools would be useful? Choose all that apply. You must select all correct possibilities
5. This tool allows you to reposition an object in your layer  .

    1. The _________ tool allows you to select a rectangular or circular area of an layer to change or delete.

7. A design in Adobe Photoshop consists of multiple  of graphics and text.

  1. The typical size for a graphic design is measured in ____________.

  1. To delete a series of steps that have been used in a graphic design, you would need to use the _________ palette.

  1. To cut down the size of the entire graphic design, including all layers, you should select the ______ tool.

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