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Adobe Flash Expert Question Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Adobe Flash Expert Question Quiz

Welcome to your Adobe Flash Expert Question Quiz

Every animation needs a starting and ending point. _______________ are used to set these.

This is a way to take a word and animate each letter separately.

This is, by far, the most tedious way to create animations.

These are objects that have been converted so that you can use the same image a number of times in a movie. You can also use this to do fade effects, rotation effects, and flip effects.

The stacking order of viewing objects is decided by the order of the l

Designed to be an interactive object. You create these so that action scripts can be used to control other objects or events in the movie.

________________ allow you to make objects move in a more random or non-straight path.

This is used to change an object from a circle to a square.

Any item placed on a frame that has not been converted to a graphic, button, or movie clip. This includes shapes you draw as well as images you insert/import (jpg, bitmaps,etc.). Use this to do a shape tween or mask effect.

The __________ shows the frames in the movie.

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