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Css Advance Question Quiz - Web and Graphics Quiz


Css Advance Question Quiz

Welcome to your Css Advance Question Quiz

What is the preferred way to create a Navigation menu using CSS style sheets?

Which property would you use to specify whether the content of a block- level element is clipped or how it should behave when it overflows the element's bounds?

What property would you use to make an entire element to be ignored when rendering a web page?

How would you apply better control over the size of your elements when you have varied content presented within the elements?

How can one have more control over the background image they have selected for an element?

Which CSS property should you use to customize the list so that it uses an image instead of the default a bullet?

How do you change the properties of an element when you pass your mouse pointer of it?

I have text in a certain paragraph on my web page which I would like to render as red while keeping the background unchanged. Which property should I use to do this?

I would like to have a block element and restrict everything around it to a gap of 20 pixels. What code snippet should I use to do this?

I would like to format text on my web page just as one is able to do in a word processor. Which is the best property to do this?

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