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Cartoon Animation Course

Cartoon Designing

Animated films which are a liking of almost every kid of this generation. Cartoons are great entertainment for everyone. Cartoon Animation includes the inactment of drama with the help of line of action in story, character development, dialogues, timing last but not the least animation which is again related to technology computer of an individual interest.
Movement is created from still images. Movement and action is one of the fundamental objectives. The images are immobilized in making up some of the most beautiful movements, paintings, drawings, photos, collages, puppets, work of art, deserves to be contemplated longer than just fractions on the movie screen.

Objective of the course

Developing Skills

Developing Skills to animate cartoon with the help of technology and drawing to make smooth and better cartoon animation films.

Module 1 :: Making 2D Line Drawings

Basics of drawings.

Drawing Gestures

Study of Still life and live studies

Anatomy of Human

Anatomy of Animals, Reptiles and others.

Principles of drawings.

Light and shadow.



Module 2 :: Animation Advance Techniques

Principle of Animation.

synchronization of Lip.

Creating Expressions.

Walk through animtions of humans.

Drawing Effects.

Follow-throughs and secondary actions.

IB and CU. (In-betweens and Cleanups).

Fees of Cartoon Animation Course

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