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Join Bapu Graphics for a comprehensive jQuery course tailored for beginners and experienced developers. Learn basic syntax, event handling, animations, and more topics on using jQuery with HTML and CSS.

Our experienced instructors, robust curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience. Take the first step towards learning this popular programming language that is in high demand in the job market by joining our jQuery course today.

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Jquery Course

J-query is an advanced version of Javascript which is a client-side language. Learn it in an advance and professional manner in Bapu Graphics with Great tutorials, advanced tips, and tricks. Jquery allows the creation of advanced dynamic web pages. Jquery is also used for animation purposes on websites, Doing animations with codes is fun to learn.

Animated banners, animated advertisements, and animated websites all are easy after learning the J-Query course. If you are interested in learning this course from Bapu graphics jQuery Course Training Institute In Delhi then feel free to contact us.

Objective of the jQuery Course

Using jQuery will help you build your web development projects more efficiently and concisely. In this course, you will learn how to use jQuery to streamline your code and speed up your development process. This course also teaches you how to create custom web applications using jQuery, how to use jQuery UI to create interactive user interfaces, and how to use AJAX to create dynamic, responsive web applications. With the completion of this course, you will know how to utilize jQuery to its fullest potential.

Save Time to Develop Advance Effects

It saves time to develop advanced effects and codes in a website which gives the website a professional look and complex features in minutes.

jQuery Course Eligibility Criteria

After passing out from secondary school one can join this course for professional training. The jQuery course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. This course teaches you the basics of jQuery, including how to manipulate the DOM and create animations. In this course, you will learn about core elements like selectors, and events, and how to use and extend jQuery UI.

How to Start Learning jQuery Course

First and foremost, you should have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you attempt to learn jQuery. jQuery is a JavaScript library, so it relies heavily on JavaScript. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript, you’ll likely find jQuery to be confusing and difficult to learn. Additionally, jQuery often interacts with HTML and CSS, so it’s important to have a strong understanding of those technologies as well. Once you have a strong understanding of the three technologies mentioned above, you’re ready to start learning jQuery.

The easiest way to learn jQuery is to find a good course. Make sure the course you choose covers the basics of jQuery, such as how to select elements, how to create and manipulate elements, and how to create animations. jQuery is a huge topic, so it’s important to start with the basics and gradually work your way up to more advanced concepts. The Jquery course will be useful for web developers who want to learn how to create interactive web pages as well as improve their speed and usability using Jquery.

jQuery Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to jQuery

  • What is jQuery?
  • Benefits of using jQuery
  • Setting up jQuery in your project
  • Selecting and manipulating HTML elements

Module 2: jQuery Selectors and Filters

  • Basic selectors (ID, class, element)
  • Combining selectors 
  • Attribute selectors 
  • Pseudo-selectors
  • Filtering elements based on various criteria

Module 3: Event Handling with jQuery

  • Introduction to events
  • Attaching and detaching event handlers
  • Common DOM events (click, hover, submit, etc.)
  • Event delegation for dynamically added elements
  • Custom events

Module 4: jQuery Effects and Animations

  • Show, hide, and toggle elements
  • Fading elements in and out
  • Sliding elements up and down
  • Custom animations 
  • Callback functions

Module 5: DOM Manipulation with jQuery

  • Modifying element content and attributes
  • Adding and removing elements 
  • Traversing the DOM tree
  • Working with forms and form elements

Module 6: AJAX and jQuery

  • Understanding AJAX
  • Using jQuery for AJAX requests
  • Handling JSON and XML data
  • Loading data from external sources
  • Handling AJAX errors and events

Module 7: jQuery Plugins

  • Introduction to jQuery plugins
  • Using popular plugins (e.g., sliders, lightboxes)
  • Creating custom jQuery plugins
  • Best practices for using plugins

Module 8: Performance and Best Practices

  • Minification and compression
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Optimizing jQuery code
  • Debugging techniques

Module 9: Responsive Web Design and jQuery

  • Introduction to responsive design
  • Using jQuery for responsive behaviors
  • Media queries and jQuery

Module 10: Final Project

  • Guided project to apply all learned concepts 
  • Building an interactive web application 
  • Troubleshooting and debugging

Module 10: Final Project

  • Guided project to apply all learned concepts 
  • Building an interactive web application 
  • Troubleshooting and debugging


  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Final project evaluation
  • Practical exams
  • Attendance and participation

Advance features of the jQuery Course In Delhi

Jquery is very fast to make advanced effects with animation, HTML manipulation is done easily by Jquery, and Jquery will change your attitude towards writing Javascript codes. Jquery provides advanced functions and animations.

Jquery is an interesting language as it makes code easy with the help of javascript Libraries and plugins. An easy way we get more advanced results is by learning jquery. A modern website will not be complete without the J-query codes.

Career & Jobs after jQuery Course In Delhi

After completing a jQuery course in Delhi from Bapu Graphics, you can pursue various career opportunities in web development and related fields. jQuery is a JavaScript library commonly used for front-end web development. Here are some potential career paths and job opportunities you can explore:

Front-End Web Developer:

As a front-end developer, you'll work on the user interface and user experience of websites and web applications. You'll use jQuery, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create interactive and responsive web pages.

Full-Stack Web Developer:

Full-stack developers are responsible for both front-end and back-end development. After learning jQuery, you can further develop your skills in back-end technologies like Node.js, PHP, or Ruby on Rails to become a full-stack developer.

UI/UX Designer:

If you have a strong understanding of jQuery and its capabilities, you can work as a UI/UX designer, focusing on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications.

Mobile App Developer:

jQuery Mobile is a framework for creating mobile web applications. With your jQuery knowledge, you can specialize in developing mobile web apps that are compatible with various devices and platforms.

Web Development Freelancer:

You can work as a freelance web developer, taking on projects from clients and businesses looking to improve their websites or create new ones. Freelancing offers flexibility and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

Web Development Instructor:

If you have a deep understanding of jQuery, you can teach others by becoming a web development instructor. This can be done through in-person teaching or online courses and tutorials.

Content Management System (CMS) Developer:

Many websites use CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. As a developer with jQuery skills, you can create custom themes and plugins to enhance the functionality of these systems.

E-commerce Developer:

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry. You can work as an e-commerce developer, integrating jQuery into online stores to provide a better shopping experience for customers.

To increase your chances of securing a job in these fields, it’s essential to build a strong portfolio showcasing your jQuery skills, work on personal projects, and stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies. Additionally, networking with professionals in the industry and attending local web development meetups or conferences in Delhi can help you find job opportunities and stay connected with the web development community.

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FAQ's About jQuery Course Training Institute In Delhi

Answer: Both bootstrap and jquery are used in web development and primarily for front-end development. As the code of bootstrap and jquery is majorly executed at the client end so also responsible for the style and look and feel of the UI.

Answer: Learning Angular, React & Vue takes time, 2–6 months easily. Developers don’t have that much amount of time to learn them. JQuery is very small and you can quickly learn it within hours.

Answer: jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library today, in use by over 60% of the top 100,000 most visited websites. This course will teach you how to use jQuery’s core features – DOM element selections, traversal, and manipulation

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