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Enroll in Bapu Graphics’ Adobe Illustrator Course to enhance your graphic design skills. Our expert trainers will teach you to master Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard for creating vector graphics. Gain hands-on experience in creating and manipulating designs, shapes, text, and colors. Improve your confidence and create stunning designs that impress clients.

About Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Illustrator Course Institute In Delhi

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Adobe Illustrator is the most advanced vector software for Illustrations, Cartooning, Info-Graphics, 3D Graphics, Isometric Designs, Web Templates, Mobile App Designing, Sketching, Brochure & Catalogue Designing, Calendar Designing, Logo & Icon Design, Landscapes, and much more.

Getting professional in this software means that you are now the part of High-Level Graphics design Industry. If you are interested in learning the Best Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi then Bapu Graphics Adobe Illustrator Training Institute is the best choice for you.

Graphics Designing gets complete after learning these software skills and Bapu Graphics teaches this software at the most advanced levels and with super techniques to make you efficient to design any creative, you can think of. Posters, Layouts, Charts, and Product Cover Designing can all be done very fast and with beautiful graphics.

This software can handle your projects very efficiently, and complete knowledge of this will make your practicals to the next level. Bapu Graphics with software tools and options provides you with daily Projects and practicals that make you think perfectly and enhance your creativity. Practical Applications of tools and where the professionals get stuck are all solved in one go at Bapu Graphics Designing Institute.

Advantages of learning Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi

The advantages of learning Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi, with Bapu Graphics, to attain practical and professional skills have many advantages. Adobe Illustrator is the fastest and quick software to work on, working with Live paints and Live trace command will make your work easy. Converting and exporting your designs with SVG codes is the most advanced feature you will learn.

Designing all Print media works like Brochures, Catalogues, Calendars, Advertisement Designs, Posters, etc. All web media works, Web templates, layouts, Web Icons, and Web Banners are very easy to design and handle.

Advantage of our Adobe Illustrator Course

Learn Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi, with Bapu Graphics by completing a number of Projects and Practicals work. We design the best Adobe Illustrator courses and syllabus according to the media you want to get trained. Daily skill tests and new practical exercises will make you thorough so that you can handle all designing issues in Adobe Illustrator graphic designing software.

Career Options After The Adobe Illustrator Course In Delhi

You get a number of Career Options in front of you after completing Best Adobe Illustrator Course with Certificate in Delhi, with Bapu Graphics, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Tutors
  • Compositing Editor
  • Industrial Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Illustration artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Web Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • UI Designer

What you will learn in our Adobe Illustrator Course with Certificate in Delhi


Throughout this course, you’ll learn the basics to advanced level of Illustrator, including how to create basic icons, logos, illustrations, and 3D objects. In addition to learning how to use the program’s tools to improve your graphics, you will also learn how to create more sophisticated designs with it. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool for anyone interested in creating graphics.

  • Simplified Vector Graphics
  • Typography Art
  • Live Paint
  • Perspective Vector Art
  • Tracing and Creating Vectors
  • Creating and Editing Shapes
  • Transformations
  • Working with color and strokes
  • Blends and Envelopes
  • Highly Advanced Tips and Shortcuts
  • Symbols and Graphics Styles
  • Brush Powers
  • 3D Effects
  • Speedy Effects
  • Artistic Effects
  • Working with Images
  • Organizing Layers and Artboards
  • Creating Gradients and Mesh

Adobe Illustrator Course Practical Training Work

You get to complete a number of practical training works, while pursuing Best Adobe Illustrator Course with Certificate in Delhi, with Bapu Graphics, One of the best Multimedia institutes.

Web Media Works
  • Web Media Works
  • Print Media Works
Illustrations and Cartooning
  • Illustrations and Cartooning
  • Caricatures and Cartooning
Info-Graphics Creations
  • Info-Graphics Creations
  • Mobile Application Designs
  • Brochure, Magazines and Book Publishing
  • Broadcast Media Design
Logo Creations Branding
  • Logo Creations
  • Branding

Adobe Illustrator Workshops and suggested Courses:

Our Adobe Illustrator Workshops are being held every month, covering adobe illustrator fundamentals for specialized industrieshelps you to get a broader idea about your interests to start with our courses to learn adobe illustrator with 100% practical training by 17+ Years of experienced Faculty. To name courses:

  • Illustrator for Beginners Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Short Course
  • Adobe Illustrator for Advanced Illustration
  • Adobe Illustrator CC Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Certification Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Professional Course
  • Advanced Illustrator Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Mega Course
  • Vector Illustration Course
  • Adobe Illustrator for Visual Identity Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Logo Design Course
  • Advanced Logo Design Illustrator Course
  • 3d Design Adobe Illustrator Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Course
  • Adobe Illustrator iPad Course
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Course

Every Graphic Designer is always incomplete without mastering Adobe Illustrator. So, learn Adobe Illustrator from Scratch in Rohini, with Bapu Graphics which makes you the master of this Graphic Software with all commands in it, which are well advanced in the graphic designing industry to create, design & enhance illustrations.

Why you should choose Bapu Graphics Adobe Illustrator Institute in Delhi

Bapu Graphics is special in giving training for Adobe Illustrator Software by covering each topic with in-depth knowledge, Each Topic is covered with its practical applications, And most Important is to guides the learners with advanced tips and tricks which make the complex work fast and easy. In Print or Web Graphics, Accuracy is the main key in which Bapu Graphics works during Adobe Illustrator CC Training.

Adobe Illustrator Course Outline | Best Illustrator Training Institute In Delhi

Module 1

  • Drawing
  • Vector logos, shapes, and Icons
  • All advanced drawing tools
  • Tracing with different techniques
  • Understanding Color
  • Selecting and Adjusting colors
  • Working with Pantone colors
  • Color modes and swatches panel
  • Typography in Adobe Illustrator
  • Type in the area and paths options
  • All typography terms with their shortcut keys
  • Working with character and paragraph styles
  • Painting in Adobe Illustrator
  • Working with mesh, gradients and Patterns
  • Paint with an art brush, bristle brush and calligraphy brushes
  • Painting with Fills and Strokes
  • Special Advance Effects
  • Using Appearance Panel
  • Working with all vector effects
  • Using Adobe Photoshop Effects in Adobe Illustrator

Module 2

  • Adobe Illustrator for Print and Web Media
  • SVG techniques and Interactivity
  • Creating animations and web graphics
  • Overprinting Trapping and Color Separations
  • Managing Shapes and Objects
  • Selecting and Editing shapes
  • Transparency techniques
  • Pathfinder, stroke, Align and Distribute spacings
  • Linking projects with other software
  • Understanding Link panels
  • Edit Orignal
  • Embedding work
  • Advance Knowledge
  • Blend and Envelope Distort commands
  • Perspective grid tool
  • All creative tools for vector illustrations
  • Working with all kinds of Graphs
  • Adobe Illustrator Advance Terms
  • Understanding all Vector File formats
  • Expand, Rasterize and Mosaic tools
  • All Shortcuts to work fast

All of our classes for illustrator have exclusive skills to offer, that makes you stand out amongst industry professionals. Starting with illustrator fundamentals in Adobe Illustrator class 1 we take forward to reach adobe illustrator master class steadily with one-to-one practical training.

More than 15 Types of Drawings to Learn In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Course Duration | Learn Online Adobe Illustrator Learning

List of courses to learn adobe illustrator from Bapu Graphics, with duration suggested: 

Illustrator Courses



Illustrator Prime Course4 hrs1 week
Illustrator Typical Course10 hrs2 weeks
Illustrator Excellence Course16 hrs3 weeks
Illustrator Short Term24 hrs4 weeks
Masters in Illustrator40 hrs1 month
Illustrator Special Classes40 hrs1.5 months
Illustrator Fast Track60 hrs1.5 months
Advance Illustrator Classes60 hrs2 months
Illustrator Professional Course80 hrs2 months
Honors in Illustrator100 hrs2.5 months
Illustrator Bible Course120 hrs3 months

Graphic Design Adobe Illustrator course can be done According to achieve Specializations in

Other Special Courses in Illustrator forMastersAdvanceProfessional
Web20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Fashion20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Digital Marketing20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Photographers20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Interior Designers20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Shoe Designers20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Publishers20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Print Media20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Image Editing20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Logo Designing20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Background Designs20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Game Designing20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Film and Video20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Artists20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Mobile Apps20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Applied Arts20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs
Kids20 hrs40 hrs60 hrs

With Above mentioned courses you get number of course options to choose best illustrator course for yourself, per your preference.

Why Adobe Illustrator is better than Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator has more features than Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator is compatible with more file formats than Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator is easier to use than Corel Draw. This is because Adobe Illustrator has a more user-friendly interface.

Adobe Illustrator is more widely used than Corel Draw. This means that there is a larger community of Adobe Illustrator users, which means that you can find more help and support if you need it.

Placements after Learning Adobe Illustrator Course in Delhi

Adobe Illustrator Graphic Designing Software is highly demandable in Industry and we at Bapu Graphics help a student at our best to get skilled and professional training with the Best Illustrator Courses to attain a job with the help of Bapu Graphics Placement Cell. Bapu Graphics is tied up with more than 500 companies to support its students for 100% placements.

Adobe Illustrator Course Students Testimonials

FAQ’s About Our Adobe Illustrator Learning Course In Delhi

Ans 1. Bapu Graphics first understands the purpose of the course, and it all depends on the requirement or the field of work he wants to understand, there is a proper counseling session before we finalize the package, otherwise, the duration of the Adobe Illustrator course with Certificate in Delhi, varies from 1 week to 3 months, at Bapu Graphics.

Ans 2. Adobe Illustrator for Cartoon, Illustration, and Landscape can be done and if you want to focus only on this area then the Adobe course for illustrator can be done in a month with regular classes.

Ans 3. Bapu Graphics, Adobe Illustrator Institute in Delhi, offers classes on weekends that are on Saturdays and Sundays also.., for the one who is in Job, otherwise, you can also join Online one to one sessions, and also take time from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM, by scheduling it in advance.


Ans 4. You can come with your list of problems and we will first clear the number of classes it will take and our trainer will focus on these problems to get you all the solutions. This will be your customized course and for this, you need to visit our center for complete solutions and details.

Ans 5. Yes, of course, there are plenty of Job Opportunities, and Bapu Graphics is tied up with many companies for placement in Adobe Illustrator, so after getting trained in the Adobe Illustrator Full course, you will definitely get a Job. 

Ans 6. Adobe Illustrator course fee structure depends on the course you will choose, your requirements for software, and How much you want to achieve? Adobe Illustrator certification cost starts from Rs. 1000/- till Rs. 40,000/-, There is a package of Rs. 15000/- also, It also a package of Rs.7000/-, so a number of different courses with different durations, now Adobe Illustrator Course fees also depend on the track you choose like you are doing the regular course, Alternate Track or Weekend Track or with some other customized track like fast track, etc… For complete details about Adobe illustrator course fees, you may call us or visit the center.

Ans 7. Yes, we provide Graphic Design Adobe Illustrator Course online classes for those who prefer online training. We provide live one-to-one training by the same teachers who teach at the center. You can easily learn online advanced Adobe Illustrator courses from Bapu Graphics.

Ans 8. Yes, as the graphic designer Illustrator can work on the main components of visual identity for branding the business. Like its logo, imagery, typography, colors, creative design, packaging and so.

Ans 9. Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute offers both Online & Offline Adobe Illustrator Workshops at nominal fees.

Ans 10. Yes, Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute offers Adobe Illustrator Certification and Diploma Courses as well at very affordable prices.

Ans 11. Yes, Being from Adobe Family Both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign Files support each other.

Ans 13. Yes, All the courses start from scratch, and in our Adobe Illustrator Beginner Course, we help the candidate to seek his interest in software. The candidate starts creating design using adobe illustrator from Day 1 and also gets an overview of the complete software in our adobe illustrator course for beginners.

Ans 14. We provide a free demo session before joining our paid training that is worth every penny you pay for it and even better salaries. The skills you attain from Our Adobe Illustrator Certification Courses, easily return you the amount you invest in the course.

Ans 15. Yes, a beginner can learn adobe illustrator free through our free tutorials provided on the Bapu Graphics YouTube Channel.

Ans 16. We Provide Online & Offline training for our Adobe Illustrator graphic design courses. You can opt for Our Online Live classes, which are no different than our Offline classes. We have our Sole Branch in Rohini, Delhi

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